Chukchi Amulet


Chukchi Amulet WithOpal
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Sterling Silver and Fossil Ivory
14 KT Solid Yellow Gold and Fossil Ivory

" Elsewhere the sky is the roof of the world; but here the earth was the floor of the sky."
Willa Cather

This thought-inspiring and unique Amulet takes its design and exquisite detailing from a 4000-year old northern Siberian Coast Amulet of the peoples of the Chukchi Territories, and, as well, in their spiritual embroidery. The 4000 year old Fossil Walrus Ivory shown (collected on the north Siberian Coast)has two startlingly different complexions - The tan crystalline matrix (which has a naturally-occurring hole) at the top rests upon a solid creamy ivory bottom. The shape of the Amulet is similar to the shape of Northern Siberian parka bottoms. Both front and back of the Fossil Walrus Ivory are visible below the bezel and one of our beautiful deep blue/green opals, representing the Northern Lights, is fixed under the circular celestial ring. Unbelievably, our hand-picked opals will shimmer like the Northern Lights! It's like looking at your own personal universe! The opal rests on three Sterling Silver spheres, the two on the ends are polished, and the center is oxidized black. A ball-in-filigree graces the front of the bezel, and the bail slides all along the celestial ring. Available also in 14 KT Solid Yellow Gold. A provocative Amulet probably designed as powerful protection against spirits in the northern sky. 1 1/2 inches high, 3/4 inch wide.

Sterling Silver Complete with Sterling Silver chain.
14 KT Solid Yellow Gold Complete with gold-filled chain.

Only 25 of these Amulets will be made. You won't see anything else like it!