Koryak Life Spirit Earrings
Fossil Walrus Ivory and Garnet Bead

Life Spirit
Fossil Walrus Ivory
Garnet Bead


Koryak Life Spirit EarringsFossil Walrus Ivory and Garnet Bead$37.50
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Product Description

“Courage cannot see around corners, but it goes around them anyway.”
Mignon McLaughlin

The Koryak have inhabited the northern portions of the Kamchatka Peninsula of Northeastern Siberia for at least 20,000 years. Because this peninsula separates the Sea of Okhotsk from the Bering Sea, it was natural for the Koryak to become a primarily maritime culture. Through maritime contact, much of their culture influenced the Native American cultures of Southeastern Alaska and Northwestern Canada.

Our Koryak earrings are a contemporary interpretation of a simple pair of fossil walrus ivory earrings found in a dig at a 3000 year old settlement.

We put a full Sterling Silver back and bezel around a bright piece of 6500 year old rust crystalline Fossil Walrus Ivory, and hung three garnet and two Sterling Silver beads in place of the red dyed shell beads on the original. An elegant, yet simple earring. Sterling Silver post. 1 ¼ inch high, 3/8 inch wide.