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Fossil Ivory and Sterling Silver Scrimshaw Buttons

Fossil Ivory and Sterling Silver

Single-Breasted Blazer Set $275.00

Fossil Ivory and Sterling Silver Scrimshaw Buttons
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"The best trips start with a mis-step." Ribka Bezalel

Whether it's a blazer or a hand-knit sweater, the choice of buttons makes all the difference! Our handmade fossil ivory and sterling silver buttons are the bee's knees! They will catch everyone's eye and draw admiring glances.

We make these round buttons in two sizes, 3/4 inch (for sweaters or the front of a blazer) and 1/2 inch (for blazer sleeves or sweaters). Each is fully bezeled and backed in sterling silver. Any set will add elegance to your outfit!

Pick your choice of type and color of fossil ivory and at no additional cost, we will hand etch any of the designs shown below. For a small additional cost, we will etch your own boat on each button.

Imagine stepping off your boat at raft-up time wearing a blazer or dress with buttons etched with your own boat! Really classy!

First button is $65.00 and all the rest in the same order are $55.00 each!