Itelmen Talisman

Itelmen Talisman

Sterling Silver
Rare Two-Tone Fossil Ivory
and Opal

Itelmen TalismanWithOpal
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"We all grow up with the weight of history on us. Our ancestors dwell in the attics of our brains as they do in the spiralling chains of knowledge hidden in every cell of our bodies." Shirley Abbott

The Kamchatka Peninsula is shaped like a spear blade pointing to the south. On the southern portion of this peninsula live the Itelmen. They were originally a large group of people who lived in the western part of the peninsula - but very early, during the Siberian neolithic period, they began to move south and east. (Their name means Living Inhabitant of Dry Land.) They moved to Kamchatka 6000 to 7000 years ago, and archeological digs show that living sites existed there some 5200 years ago. In addition to becoming early river fishermen, they were amongst the very earliest of food gatherers. Edible grasses, leaves, nuts, bulbs, etc., were gathered and stored well before other nearby cultures. Up to one hundred different species of edible plants, berries, and medicinal herbs, nuts, elfin Siberian pine were gathered. The gathered products were dried, sun-dried or smoke-cured to be stored for winter. This is probably related to their distinctive wickerwork basket weaving. They are reputed to be the best herbalists among the Nordic peoples.

Itelmen were amongst very earliest believers that the world and all human souls are eternal. Their Shamans had no special powers, and because of this all Itelmen wore amulets and talismans for spiritual protection. In a 3500 year old site near the Kamchatka coast, a carved ivory Talisman was unearthed. The ivory was of two distinct colors, probably representing their two sources of food: herbs and animals.

A distinctive interpretation of this ancient Talisman is our unique Itelmen Talisman. Created with a rare piece of distinctly two-toned Fossil Walrus Ivory (black and white), this natural design evokes images of explosive growth in food supply from the earth. Our Itelmen Talisman retains the ancient graceful sweeping lines of distinctive Itelmen spiritual jewelry. Fully bezeled in Sterling Silver, both front and back of this rare Fossil Ivory can be seen. We have topped it all with a striking opal. 1 3/8 inch high, 1 1/4 inch wide. This Talisman will make you feel hardy, vital and confident.

Please note: We have enough of this two-toned Fossil Walrus Ivory for only 12 Talsimans - so order early in order to not be disappointed.

Complete with Sterling Silver chain.