Polynesian Hei-Matau
Carved Fossil Walrus Ivory Sailor's Talisman

Polynesian Hei-Matau
Fossil Walrus Ivory
Sailor's Talisman

Polynesian Hei-MatauCarved Fossil Walrus Ivory Sailor's Talisman
<b>Polynesian <i>Hei-Matau<br></i>Carved Fossil Walrus Ivory Sailor's Talisman</b></font>
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Fossil Walrus Ivory - $89.50

"Imagination is so much harder to face than reality." Maybel Seeley

The native peoples of the south Pacific, including Hawaii, French Polynesia, New Zealand, etc., are amongst the world's best ocean travellers. For thousands of years they have used the stars in conjunction with the size and direction of ocean waves to navigate the vast open stretches of the Pacific Ocean. Like sailors everywhere, they wore Talismans to keep them safe on the sea.

There is one particular Talisman that is found in much the same style and shape all over the south Pacific; this is the sacred fish hook. Whether it is the Makau fish hook of Hawaii, or the Maori Hei-Matau from the coast of New Zealand, a sacred fish hook represents strength and great respect for the sea. For millenia it has been worn to provide good luck and safety for sailors.

This is the fully carved three dimensional version of our Hei-Matau that our customers have been asking us to make. Choose your fossil ivory from the many choices shown below. (Shown are Fossil Walrus Ivory Light, and Tiger Stripe.) It is fully carved 1 3/4 inches high, 3/4 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick. Comes with leather neck thong.

Of course, both hand carved in our studio.