Inupiaq Gratitude Amulet


Inupiaq Gratitude AmuletWithOpal
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Sterling Silver - $169.50
14KT Solid Gold - $389.50

With Fossil Ivory and Opal

"There will be eternal summer in the grateful heart." Celia Thaxter

The Inupiaq believed that every animal is protected by a powerful spirit. Since these northernmost Native Americans were dependent on the migrations of seals, whales, birds, etc. for their sustenance, they believed that this protective spirit would sometimes allow the animals to slip through his hand and fingers and be captured for food. The Inupiaq used a very special amulet to depict this powerful spirit. They represented him by a thumbless hand with a hole in its palm. This signified their gratitude for the spirit's willingness to allow some animals to be captured, insuring the continuing abundance of animals on earth. We designed our Gratitude Amulet because of its continued significance to modern man - which lies in our real need for some necessities. Many we could not expect to have or afford. But, happily, sometimes these things come to us unexpectedly. They "slip through the cracks" of economic or physical reality and become ours even as we know that they were beyond our reach. The pierced palm is represented by one of our freeform opals inlaid into a carved thumbless hand. The entire piece is fully bezeled and backed - and even has a chased design on the back. It is held by a long bail. Shown in Sterling Silver with Fossil Oosik Ivory. Show your gratitude for the things you have every time you wear this Amulet!

Sterling Silver - Complete with Sterling Silver chain.
14KT Solid Gold - Complete with gold-filled chain.