Braided Edge
Wedding Ring
Commitment Band

BraidedEdgeWeddingRingorCommitment Band
<b><i>Braided<br>Edge</i><br>Wedding<br>Ring<br>or<br>Commitment <br>Band</b>
Ring Band Width for Sterling Silver Band:
Ring Band Width for 14KT Yellow Gold Band:
Ring Size: For Sterling Silver Band:
Ring Size: For 14KT Solid Yellow Gold Band:
Ivory Type/Color:
Initials Inside Band Max 5 letters ($50.00):
Scrimshaw Design Available only for 5/16 inch wide band:
Availability:Usually ships in 1-2 weeks

Product Description

Sterling Silver and Fossil Ivory
14KT Solid Yellow Gold and Fossil Ivory

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only what you are expecting to give - which is everything."
Katherine Hepburn

Express your love with rings of ageless Fossil Ivory. Our Fossil Ivory Braided Edge Wedding Band or Commitment Ring is an unbroken circle of Fossilized Ivory lined with a Sterling Silver or 14KT Solid Yellow Gold inner ring. Nestled on one side next to the Ivory is a continuous wide braided rope of Sterling Silver or 14KT Gold. The inner ring also comes up the second side of the Ivory circle for durability. Shown in Fossil Walrus - Medium Light Ivory With Some Crystalline.
As an added option, we will etch a design on our 5/16 inch wide rings. (Shown in inset picture.)

Of course, handmade especially for you in our studio. These rings are not returnable.

Together through the ages: When you purchase two of our Wedding or Committment Bands, both bands will be made from the same ancient piece of Fossilized Ivory.