Blue Ice
Simple Fossil Walrus Ivory Amulet
Freeform Opal

Fossil Walrus Ivory

"Blue Ice"

Blue IceSimple Fossil Walrus Ivory AmuletWithFreeform Opal
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"Considering how dangerous everything is, nothing is very frightening." Gertrude Stein

Fossil Walrus Ivory Amulets have been unearthed from every culture in the region around the Bering Sea dating from as far back as 6000 BCE. Prevalent have been Fossil Walrus Ivories that can be imaginatively fit into early people's view of their mythology and cosmos.

Our Fossil Walrus Ivory Blue Ice Amulet with translucent burled cream-colored Fossil Ivory is used as a backdrop for a free form bright blue/green opal. It looks exactly likr the pressure-formed blue ice in icebergs! This Amulet will be fun to wear for either informal or formal occasions!! It will spark intense interest from your friends!

Comes with Sterling Silver neck chain. 1 inch high, 5/8 inch wide.

Of course, this is a one-of-a-kind piece.