Cuff Bracelet

Aurora Cuff Bracelet
in Sterling Silver
Fossil Ivory

Aurora Cuff Bracelet
Ivory Type/Color (Central Piece):
Ivory Type/Color (End Pieces):
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Product Description

Sterling Silver - $265.00

"Backward, turn backward, O Time in your flight, Make me a child again, just for tonight." Elizabeth Akers Allen

When the Native Americans of the arctic see the beautiful writhing spirit-lights of the Aurora Borealis, they whistle to confuse it, in order to keep it from doing harm. Our unbelievably graceful Aurora Bracelet is a treasure whose genesis is this wonderful boreal light. Its hammered organic lines are set off by three raised channel bands. Between the first two the Sterling Silver is oxidized black to contrast with the high polish. At the top, between the second and third bands, are inlaid three pieces of Fossil Ivory. Shown with Medium Light Fossil Walrus Ivory in the central piece, set off by end pieces of Dark Brown Mammoth Ivory. So comfortable, you'll want to wear it everywhere! 3/4 inch wide.

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